Treatment of Lortab Abuse

Treatment of Lortab Abuse

Lortab abuse has become relatively common in recent times and the prevalence of the problem has been increased by the fact that the drug is so readily available.

Lortab is a prescription drug that is mainly used to treat coughs and relieve pain. However it is important to know that the drug is highly addictive and that it is imperative that an individual only takes the amount of the drug prescribed by a qualified medical specialist.

Lortab has two main components which are acetaminophen and hydrocodone bitartrate. Acetaminophen is mainly found in non-prescription drugs and hydrocodone’s main use is in relieving pain and treating coughs. When the two drugs are blended, Lortab’s effectiveness is improved when these two drugs are combined and although hydrocodone is addictive, the potential for abuse is hampered by the acetaminophen as it creates a limit to the maximum dosage of Lortab.

Lortab is prescribed to be taken orally and it comes in either liquid or tablet form. When the medication is abused, it may also be swallowed, alternatively, it can crushed then snorted like cocaine or dissolved in water before being injected into the blood stream like heroin.

Treatment of Lortab Abuse

However an individual ingests the drug, continued usage will lead to a physical dependency until eventually they need to take the drug even when they are not in pain, to prevent withdrawal symptoms from occurring.

Furthermore Lortab will eventually become less effective in relieving pain or bringing calm until the individual needs to increase their dosage to achieve the initial effect. This is how abuse and addiction starts, dependency will continue to increase and eventually the individual may overdose, which will lead to further detrimental effects.

If the medication is stopped abruptly, the person will experience withdrawal symptoms and this underlines the importance of attending a rehabilitation center (800-303-2482) where a specialist in opiate addiction can educate the individual regarding the correct manner of quitting the drugs as well as how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

There are three elements of Lortab addiction treatment; initially there is a detoxification process. The most effective Lortab detoxification therapy is known as rapid detoxification which involves the patient being put under general anesthesia while the toxic substances are washed away; this shields the patient from the painful withdrawal symptoms.

The second phase of treatment involves a psychological assessment and the patient is counseled according to the psychological factors which led them to abuse drugs in the first place.

The final phase of the treatment is for the medical specialists to educate the patient with regard to replacing the negative behavior that initially led to the abuse with a more positive behavior. This is particularly important when you consider that once the patient leaves the rehabilitation center, the same negative factors in their life will still be present and this makes strengthening their resolve absolutely imperative.

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